Monday, January 19, 2009


Peace be upon with you.

Just wanna write anything that crosses my mind.

Firstly, I just wanna say Good Luck to Abg Hafiz yang SELAMAT SAMPAI at Malaysia. Eat Roti Canai + Nasi beryani + prosperity Burger. Waaaaaa...Nak jugak!!!!Take care and don't forget us here that stucked in RIT "=.="

And Kak Neesun too. GAMBATE!!!!

Erm, yeah, Happy Birthday to Pao and Ecah Momo for their birthdays. Sweet 22 to Pao and Sweet 21 to Ecah Momo. Sorry for the late wishes, but at least I write it in my blog. LOL.

Status for this week. Busy. With? Exams = BIO + CHEM. Btw, they gonna be on the same day. this Thursday. Aiya.

Financially, I need to save some money. Yeah, need to pay 300usd for RIT housing reservation. And I'm still working. Pushing the cart on snowy road. It's hard and kill my back!! But for money, I need too.

Busy with Malaysia Club Events. Dikir practice + Asia Aweness week(??????) + ........................(malaysian student festival that the name has not been decided yet). I feel like, it's gonna happen soon, and i'm not prepared anything yet. Sigh..

Kuala Terengganu milik PAS. For me, I could say, good, positive. Because it happened in good way, I mean no gaduh2 and whatsoever. And AJL23, Meet Uncle Hussein wins. I feel like, neutral, coz I don't even know what songs that have been played during that competiton. LOL.

Then, I feel like terribly angry with someone. I don't know why that kind of person always wanna find my faults. Mistakes. Sigh, It is really frustrated me. My word' -plz don't interrupt my business- plz-.

Hurm, please pray allowance will go into my bank account next 2 weeks. Haha.

Adios folks.


p/s: Iwan dah xreti nak online kah??,,mengapakah ayah melarang kamu online???

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

From RIT to MarketPlace Mall To Israel

Peace be upon with you..

Life doesn't go well today as people are busy as always. Same with me here. I feel like everything is not right. Something wrong that I do not noticed since I woke up this morning. Guess what, things to be accomplished for this week.

1. Study for data and analysis 1st exam = Thursday
2. Biology lab notebook and lab report = Friday
3. Chemistry lab report = Next Monday
4. Study for biology test = Next Wednesday
5. Japanese exam = Next week
6. Dikir for Unification Day = Next4x week = takot2!!!

I'm like, duh??. Week 5!! I need to struggle to finish all the homework and start studying. Sigh. But that is not the topic that I wanna share. Hurm, let me start with this....

Yes, Palestine has been attacked AGAIN by Israel. And yes, I do concern with that sort of war I think. What can I do to help them? First of all, yes, pray to ALLAH SWT for saving the Palestine people from those no heart Israeli.

That is the only thing that I could do for now. Every night, I get IM from my friends wrote like, 'bace surah Al-Ikhlas sebanyak 7 kali. Sekaramg Masjid Al-Aqsa sedang dikepung oleh tentera Israel. Tolong sebarkan secepat mungkin.' And you know what i do? I recite the surah, but I just let those IM be. I didn't send it to other people. Am I wrong? I thought that other people would also get the same IM as me. Sigh, I confused with my action. Should I? Should'nt I? Any body wanna say something?

Then, the most bulletin that I read to save those people, BOYCOTT everything that is related to Israel. Colagate, KitKat, Coca-Cola and other stuff. And today, I get an email from my high school senior. When I read the email, it somewhat shocked me for a moment. Ok. Read this.

Syarikat : Nestle
Jenama :
Kit Kat, Perrier, Libby, Nescafe, Maggie, Buitoni, Nestea, Freskies, Vittel, Pure Life, Nido, Smarties, Lion, Polo, After Eight, Coffee Mate, Nesquik, Aero, Quality Street, Felix (cat food), Crosse & Blackwell, Milkmaid, Carnation, Shreddies, Baci Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Milkybar, Frutips
Fakta :
Syarikat Swiss ini dimilikki 50.1% oleh syarikat Israel, Osem Investments. Pada tahun 2000 mengumumkan untuk melabur berjuta-juta dolar di Israel dalam R & D. Pada tahun Peter Brabeck-Letmathe bagi pihak Nestle menerima Anugerah Jubli daripada Perdana Menteri Netanyahu.

When I turn my head to my drawer, I realize that just bought a NesTea product from corner store. And I still have Maggie in my drawer. This another one.

Syarikat : IBM
Fakta :
Mempunyai 1700 pekerja di Israel. Satu dari 3 syarikat yang disanjung semasa Jamuan Makan Malam Liga Persahabatan Amerika-Israel Untuk Demokrasi pada 25 Jun 2001 bersama Ariel Sharon.
Syarikat : Intel
Produk :
Perkakasan komputer
Fakta :
Intel adalah penyokong kuat Israel. Pusat pembangunan pertama di luar Amerika didirikan di Haifa pada 1974.

I'm using AMD. But, INTEL kot!!!!! And last one.

Syarikat : Delta Galil Industries Ltd.
Produk :
Pasaraya, Pakaian dan Kasut
Jenama :
JC Penney , Carrefour Nike, Reebok, Converse, Calvin Klein, Gap, Boss, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Bauer, Wrangler, Dim, Old Navy Dockers, Celio, J. Crew , Caterpillar, Lou Riders, Pryca
Fakta :
Syarikat kain terbesar Israel. Pengasasnya Dov Lautman adalah kenalan rapat Presiden Israel ketika itu Ehud Barak.

Sigh, when I go to MarketPlace Mall, I would use JC PENNY fitting room to solat!!..JC PENNY. And I will go to BANANA REPUBLIC and GAP to watch for new items. Sigh. I have I GAP jeans. Plus 2 OLD NAVY woolenjacket. Aiya.

So, what I am wondering is, why everything that I buy, I like to use, has to be somewhat related with Israel. I'm just like, 'WHAT??'

All in all. I will try not buy thing from that place again. TRY. That is good enough than never. So, think about it. I sure you will wonder same with me.


p/s: I still have American Eagle and PacSun to buy my outfits. YEA2!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

things to accomplish this week,,

Peace be upon with you,

Goals for this week:
1. study data and analysis ( enjoy =] )
2. finish lab report and notebook for bio
3. complete chem lab report and pre-lab,,
4. study nihon!!
5. not forget, bio quiz

Sigh, lots of work. Determination + Desire = Dang!!!!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

penat,,sgt penat,,


Entry emo. Sigh, I really don't have any idea why suddenly I'm being emo again. It's all about lab reports BIO and CHEM. Sigh, belom ambik lg lab tissue, orgo and wutsoever next year. Da pening kepale otak. Adoi!!..Let's imagine, I just spend more than 5 hours doing the calculation for my chem lab. It's so frustrated. Aiya, Lab bio plak, sigh, bacteria culture, but I don't think I know the objective of what I'm doing until now. It's like, "WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING??".

Ok, got headache already. Lupe plak, blog nie xde sape nak bace, bcoz bdk2 bz right now with hal2 mereka sendiri. So, bye.


p/s: jgn jd mcm saye

Monday, January 5, 2009

Try it!!!

Peace be upon with you.

Hey guys! Check this out. It's something that I get from my friend!!

If you watch the above images from your seat in front of the computer, Mr.Angry is on the left, and Mrs.Calm is on the right.
Get up from your seat, and move back about eight feet!!
They switch places!!
This proves that things aren't always what they look like!!

So, How is it? Cool huh?

So,bye...homework to do!!!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday vs.Study

Peace be upon with you..

Tomorrow, me as a student life will resume, and I'm now trying to open books, finish homework, switch my body into study mood and etc. related with educational stuff. Let me tell you some facts when I am in study mood:

1. Everyday, I will sleep at 12 a.m, and wake up at 7 a.m.
2. After finishing with the last class of the day, LIBRARY, HERE I COME!!!
3. At library, I will try to finish my homework and study (facebooking + friendstering + youtubing are compulsary to do if I feel like,,,DUH???)
4. Plus, I will borrow laptop from circulation desk, and renew it at 9 p.m.
5. I go back to dorm at 11 p.m, kemas2 my stuff for tomorrow, and go to sleep.
6. Lunch at SAU, dinner at RITZ SPORT - cheese pizza is the most common meal I order!!!,,and not to forget, cheesey wedges + fries...
7. Weekend, working from 5 to 10 a.m, then sleep for a while, and dinner at commons. (Believe me, I have not gone to gracies since this winter quarter started,,that was amazing thou)

Facts when I'm in holiday mood:

1. Depends, but my biological clock will change = SLEEP MORE!!,,EAT MORE!!,,LAZY!!
2.I will try to do something benificial,,like reading books,,(just like i'm reading Twilight Saga during Fall Break)
3. If I'm on vacation, I will become more energetic,,yeeeehaaaah!!!,,FLORIDA!!!!!!!!
4. No Idea....end

Btw, my status for now,

1. I'm broke,,need to save money,,
2. Cuaks with biology subject,,and chemistry too!!!
3. REALLY HATE SNOW!!! (sorry Afnan, I couldn't help myself)
4. Budgeting my financial spend,,
5. I'm 20 years old this year!!!,,WHAT?????

Ok, need to continue study japanese. Chiao..


Friday, January 2, 2009

,,my life is resumed,,

Peace be upon with you.

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you. Sigh...I wonder why time travels so fast. It's 2009 already. And I'm getting older and older. Sigh....I still have a long way to go. Studying, working, and others. Lots of things need to think of, and I don't want to. When it comes with perfect time, then I will think about it. I don't like to mess up my head that already full with problems. Hurm..

Talking about future things, people usually have new aims, new objectives, new whatever for every New Year, but I'm not. And I never had before. Aimless. It's not like I don't have any goal in my life, it's just not for anual routine that needs to be refreshed every year. Plus, I don't think about my future thoughly. What job I wanna be, where am I gonna stay and all crappy questions that are not necessary to think about now. And I just have few goals right now.

1. Graduate
2. (No idea)

Yeah, what I want now is graduate from RIT. I don't know what I gonna do after that because I still have 3 and half years to go. But, for sure, I don't think I would continue taking MS immediately after that. I need to work first, make sure I have strong financial report, help my family, and other stuffs. I feel that learning is somewhat sressful. I really need a break after learning continuously for 12 years since I was 7. Sigh...I have to do something else instead of studying.

BTW, I just came back from Florida. I don't wanna talk about it because you could find story tellers other than me. What can I say about my vacation....AWESOME....

It's 12 a.m. Sigh, I really hate snow right now. I wish I could be in Florida again


wished things

Peace be upon with you.

~the first 7 wishes that comes to my mind~

~I wish I would be happy forever~
~I wish I would always be rich..LOL~
~I wish I'm working right now (tired of studying already)~
~I wish I have never done my evil things before~
~I wish I would be just like other normal people...yaiks~
~I wish I would have good memories~
~I wish all my 6 wishes come true immediately~