Saturday, December 20, 2008

i'm leavin..

Peace be upon with you.

I'm leavin.... never come back again,,
Jesse McCartney- Leavin'

So, I'm leaving today from residence hall, going to jijoe's home sweet home. And next Tuesday, I'm leaving Rochester, going to Florida. Yea2. Firts time having vacation in US. I wonder how it looks like. Sigh.

So long I have never been posting any topic. Since I'm quit busy with classes and homework. But all things are covered successfully. Don't worry. So far, so good. Taking 17 credit hours for this quarter, plus working as a custodian, it seems a real challenge for me. Especially during winter. (exhausted pushing the cart with full of trash and snowy road. ADEI).

All in all, I wanna enjoy my holiday. And trying to finish Breaking Dawn (half more). So, I wish you all happy holiday and happy new year (awal lg). HOI HOI Florida, Here I Come.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

~Tig tag tog~

Peace be upon with y0u...

I have been tagged by bari and pau!!!,,all come from jiji,,ces!!!!

1. 5 Ciri Wanita/Lelaki Idaman Anda :

~ Agame kuat (plg crucial!!)
~ pandai masak
~ bertolak ansur & bertoleransi dlm semue hal
~ 'mak turut' (ngeeeeee...-ikut ckp)
~ cantik dan seksi (awwwww)

2. 5 Wanita/Lelaki Yang Tak Pernah Anda Minati Sepanjang Hidup :

~ biadap!!!
~ Mata duitan + pisau cukur
~ memerintah si way!!
~ not open minded
~ ugly....+ x pandai masak!!

3. 5 Perasaan Anda Sekiranya Keluar Dengan Orang Yang Minati :

~ bahagia (alangkah indahnya, hidup ini....)
~ malu2 kucing (awwww!!!)
~ rase sayang dan suke...
~ kelam-kabut (thinking of next thing to ke movie??)
~ teruja...LOL

4. 5 Tempat Istimewa Yang Ingin Dilawati Bersama Pasangan Anda :

~ beach yang indah,,tulis name atas pasir,,ambik gambar,,,
~ high class restaurant,,dinner ala2 nak confess will u marry me,,LOL.,,
~ hollywood!!
~ taman tasik titiwangsa,,naik bende alah yang pusing2 tuh,,
~ sydney autralia...

5. 5 Barangan/Sesuatu Istimewa Yang Akan Anda Hadiahkan Kepada Si Dia :

~ jewerly (tggu keje dpt gaji)
~ bunga anggerik hari2,,kalau x pon once in a week
~ kain sutera buat kebaye,,,hohoho
~ tudung,,tudung bawal,,
~ jam dgn handbag,,,

6. Tajuk Lagu Yang Akan Anda Nyanyikan Untuk Pasangan Anda..

~ Yang teristimewa - SHAHILA ~ kau yang teristimewa..
~ my love - justin timberlake -
~ bude buai - korean song
~ aserehe - last ketchup - aserehe a rehe rehe.......
~ kau ilhamku - man bai....

7. Rakan Yang Anda Tag Dan Mahu Mereka Buat 5 PERIHAL Ini. Wajib!!!!

~ joe - kene tulis atas kertas pastu bg kat aku,,LOL
~ gman -
~ izwan -
~ miem???,,hehe sori
~ aisyah,,hoho,,

"semue yg tertulis diatas adalah bergantung kepade ability saye pada masa tersebut,,kalau duit xde,,xde la nak beli jewerly, pergi hollywood,,LOL,,dan lain2 lg."


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

bella's lullaby

Peace be upon with you.

I wonder why I'm now addicted with twilight soundtrack. LOL. It sounds ridiculous as I have never been addicted to any other movie soundtrack before. Sigh. Top 5 songs.

1. Bella's lullaby - carter burwell
2. Full moon - black ghost
3. Decode - paramore
4. Supermassive black hole - muse
5. Leave out all the rest - linkin park

Thanx to gman bcoz introduce me to paramore, and jiji for converting the song.

Btw, I have finished reading eclipse. Sigh. What a very complicated love story. Can't wait for breaking dawn.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Eid Ul Adha


I feel that Eid Ul Fitri is celebrated last few weeks. Even it's actually has been held 2 months ago. So short, tomorrow is Eid Ul Adha. So, I wish Happy Eid Ul Adha to all of you. I hope we together will success in the future. Amin.

Btw, happy birhday to my young little sister for her 7th birthday. Sorry, no present.


I realized, and I have always been realized,
That life is not gonna be happy all the time. There will be the sad part too, in between of them.
To make me fell as a normal real person.
And, life is not gonna be lucky all the time. There will be some time, I need to put effort on it.
To make life becomes better.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

- - what ARE they TO me - -

Peace be upon with you.

Family - the one who is my first love. No offense. They give me everything I want. Food, money, happiness, education, living place and many more. This joint cannot be broken easily. I miss them very much because, they make me as who I am now. I feel the responsibility to take care of them, to make them happy, to pay all of their effort , although it could not ever be happened. It is called LOVE.

Friends - the one who am I easily hanging out with. Sometimes, the one who am I taking care of. They comfort me when I'm in trouble. That is nice. Together we go out for meal, shopping, gossiping and even talking about problems. Yeah, they are different by levels. Acquaintance, friends and best friends. But somehow, they are all just the same. Who know of my existence here on earth. It is called LOVE.

Soul-mate - the one who am I, of course, love with, live with and die with. Although I don't have any, I could feel through of what I see, what I hear and what I listen. So sweet. Romantic. Even it could contribute into jealously. It doesn't matter what consequences that we might be faced. As long as we are together, strong, nothing is impossible. The perfect sentence to my future lover, "I'm all yours." It is called LOVE.

From what I have mentioned, they are all MY LOVE. It just they are distinctly different by what I feel to them. Like, miss, comfort, love, jealous, responsible. All kind of feelings. Mixed together. Poor me.

As poor as Bella. She insisted Edward to turn her life, to be immortal, strong, protective. Change her int o someone who could protect Charlie and Renee from danger. The feel of responsible and not giving all it on to Cullen's shoulder. To be with Edward forever and ever. Even it could hurt Jacob's heart, as someday, it would turn from best friend to historical enemy. No tolerance either. But, no one like the changes. Sigh, poor Bella.

Poor me. I insist myself to be cool. It's hard, but I already get into it a long time ago. It's bitter too. No one know. So, be happy of what we have. Grateful is most important. Because you are lucky. Luckier than me. Sigh. Really need to complete homework.


New journey begins,,,

Peace be upon with you.

Winter quarter has started for 3 days. So far, so good. It just I need to be more hardworking because most of the classes, I'm the only Malaysian. Sigh. I also need to memorize lots of things as I'm taking foreign language here. So, I wish you all good luck then.


p/s: ape cerite dikir??