Sunday, December 27, 2009


I slept at 9pm# woke up at 12am, then thought about the past till 2am.

And the best part was, I suddenly felt this kind so hard-to-explain-this-damn feeling.


I would say my almost whole life is useless. So many things have not been fully accomplished by me. Even worse, I just can't make them better. Such a loser. Sigh, if I could change the past, I would not feel so terrible right now.

Famous quote; the ship that will not sink forever is friendship. From my point of view, friend is someone that I know, and I could tell he/she is nice enough to talk about daily life matters. Yeah, I have lots of them back to my high school, INTEC, etc. Some of them are used to be my lets-do-things-together buddies and I appreciate them (a lot). I don't know if this situation just happens to me or anyone else, but somehow I lost contact with them when I moved to INTEC and then RIT.

I don't know if they still remember me or not but it makes me feel alone. Back to my high school, I was not a very popular student because I was not hot (kidding), but I have some good friends especially among girls. I admit it's good to be friends with girls with some reasons. Haha. But everything seems like so fuzzy, feels like, ok we stop being friends when we moved to a new place. Is it?

Yeah, I left comments to them via facebook, and I feel so sad when not many of them replied. I am so grateful when I still have some of them who are still contacting me till now. Thanks gman, syafiq, dem, azri and the gang. I really miss you all. Same things happen to my INTEC life, even it just 9 months. But I would not write anything about it because the story is almost the same.

What else? Yeah, I am a sinful person. Lots of things changed drastically since I moved to higher education institution. You all know I am an ex-badar and whatsoeverother positions in high school. Even though its not a big one, but still a sin right? Small matters even the slightest things I do, I just realized it now. How pathetic I am. Sigh.

Education problems. I'm getting lazier. Enough said. But I still survive though. @.@ . Erm, maybe not for this winter quarter. ORGO. ahhhhh. hahahahaha. killer subject. Not going to survive. >.< . Things that I always think right now. Graduate early, get a job, get the money, and live the way I want. And not forget, planning for 'cuti2 Malaysia' vacation this second half summer.

Hurm, I want to stop. Sleepy already. Sorry for the this long and notpoeticwhatever english I used. Sorry. My english is bad. Can't help. Not vocabrichtypepersontowriteswirlingsentenceswhatsoever. Mine is simple.

Till next time people. Appreciate you could survive reading this crap till now. Omedeto.. =)

sleepy and hungry