Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Raya Camera ?,,

Peace be upon with you.

Today is RAYA, but I didn't feel the same feeling as I was in 'kampung' for last year celebration. But somehow I still need to go to class today as Tuesday is the buziest day for me. I have class until 6 p.m!!! Whatever it is, I wore my baju melayu to show to other people. Haha. As I thinking before went out from the dorm, pople around me would like think of weirdo thingy about me. NEAH. WHATEVER. I DON'T CARE. It's better rather than nazrin and other guys. They even didn't wear the baju melayu. Hurm,,WTH??,,

At 11 a.m,I went to post office to get my camera- Canon PowerShot A590Is. Although it is only a usual camera, but I love it. Hehe, I could train myself to become a photographer in the next few months. Just wait and see.

Somehow, there was nothing happened at RIT on Raya day. Today was the same day as yesterday and the day before yesterday. People were walking along the quarter mile, with incredible speed, maybe going for class or whatever. I don't like to walk as fast as them. It makes me sick. Erm,,somehow I feel happy because I didn't have to fast again. Haha. I could eat anything today without any doubt although we celerated raya one day earlier than Malaysian, not really one day, early 12 hours.

In the evening, I went to Kak Dilin open house. Waaaaa, I love the meal. It's a lot and the best thing was, the strawberry cup cake taste was awesome. Really. No doubt. I wonder when I could eat it again. Hurm. I don't know what to write. So I guess I stop here.

A tree with yellow leaves. Nice.

Testing my Raya Camera,,guess where??

Hurm, I hope today gonna be the best day ever in US for this time being since I don't know where to go for this Fall break. Sigh, I don't have enough money for vacation around the USA. Till we meet next time.


Happy Eid Ul Fitr,,

Deru angin dingin memujukku untuk bangkit dari mimpi. Mata dibuka tanpa keresahan kerana ku tahu pagi ini adalah pagi yang bermakna buat diriku. Lantas jendela dibuka, mengharap aku dapat dimandikan dengan cahaya mentari raya yang sangat mengasyikkan. Tapi sayang seribu kali sayang, harapan ku tinggal kenangan, awan jahat menutupi mataku dari melihat mentari raya. Aku sedih, pilu, keseorangan, tiada teman untuk menyambut pagi raya. Aku hanya mampu melihat pepohon tinggi dengan dedaun kekuningan, menunggu masa untuk luruh. Hatiku meratapi kesedihan, mengimbau kembali zaman silam, tika dapat beraya bersama keluarga, tangan keluarga disalam memohon maaf atas kesilapan , menadah tangan meminta duit raya dan mengayam ketupat tatkala bercerita kisah duka lara. Oh, alangkah indahnya tika itu! Namun itu dulu, dulu yang tak dapat dikembalikan. Aku melihat teman bilikku masih dibuai mimpi indah, lantas solat subuh ditunaikan. Pagi itu sangat pilu. Aku menadah tangan memohon rahmat dari-NYA, agar dapat mengampuni dosaku dan keluargaku, menjaga kesejahteraan diriku dan keluargaku dunia akhirat, dan semoga di hari raya ini, hatiku tidak goyang dengan pujukan syaitan mengarahkan lima pancainderaku membuat maksiat. Hanya ituku pinta, hanya itu. Semoga Allah Merahmati diriku serta keluaraga tercinta. ~AMIN~

Monday, September 29, 2008

A man with no money??

Another edited picfrom my bro. That was the time at KLIA (KFC restaurant). Why I show u guys this pic??,,Let me tell u,,Can u see the sign at the bottom of my side??,,"A man with no money",,eh,,hello??,,I have money ok!!,,

"almond london vs london almond"

Peace be upon you,,

Here is the thing when I stay in jiji and joe house. The deal is which one is the correct one??,,Almond London or London Almond??,,basically,,for the correct english usage,,suppossed to be "London Almond" is the correct one,,however,,as Kak Aimi said to me,,"kite nie org kampung, x macam ko joe org KL panggil london almond,,kite nie org kampung panggil almond london je la,,". Hurm, technically, I would say almond london is better because I always say that word rather than london almond. Eh HELLOO,,even I stay in US,,almond london will be always in my heart.

Whatever it is, I have a very good time with jijie and joe. That was my first time making ALMOND LONDON in my life. Yaiks. With joe wif his handphone and jijie and his dota allstar, I couldn't help myself seeing their attitude at home. And the most popular words that I listen always, "bitch" and "dammit".

Erm,,even we have different shape of almond london, but it tastes good!!,,opssie,,thanx to Kak Aimi too for tranfering the biscuit and chocolate on the 'bekas kuih' and Abg Napi for seeing us making the almond. HAHA,,juz kidding.

By the way, I post some pic here,,

Jojo 'mengulik' the dough while watching the TV

Jiji ate the almond london more than 10 pieces I guess,,

The results,,,yea hea,,,
BTW,,thanx to joe because he tought me how to cook spaghetti. Although I hate to use knife, but I need to,,herm,,hehe
Here is a pic my bro edited for me. At that time I was at Teluk Batik,,looking at something hot!!,,

Hurm,,I guess I have to stop now. Got works to settle.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Peace be upon you,,

Today is Saturday and as usual, the day that I'm waitning most than others. Why? It's time to rest and rejunuvate. Hurm, let's straight to my main point. Nickname. I maybe have several nicknames but not so many. Here we go,,

Abg E-Jay = My family call me "Abg Ejay" when I stay in the house,,

Shahrizal = My friends in SEMESTA ussually called me shahrizal, plus all my teachers and
lecturer,,I guess
Sherry = some of my 'gedik' friends would call me this name and I hate it,,

Shah = Students from Intec called this name, although lot of 'shah's here at RIT and Intec,,

Airee = Some of my friends from high school called me Airee and I like it. Haha. I don'y know
why. Maybe I created it by myself,,

That's all for my nicknames. I don't care people want to call me 'whatever' as long as it's not something embarrassed.

Here is a photo my brother edited for me. Just guess where is it??
Erm, it just makes me feelhomesick again. Sigh. I wonder when I could go back to Malaysia. Sunway pyramid, Mid Valley, Suria, I love you. I miss you so much!!..DAMMIT,,how come I could say that. Maybe I got aaddicted with them since they are my friends when I'm alone at home in Malaysia. Wahaha. Here at RIT, I'm searcing for a new one to replace them but I couldn't find any. Maybe I need to keep searching. Haha. Okay.
Till next time we meet again.

p/s- I do very bad in english. Sorry for it. PeAcE.

Fall @ RIT

Peace be upon you,,

I don't know what too write but somehow I just want to show something here,,

This is the scene from Wallace Library,,it just makes me feel calm,,somehow I have tons of works to settle. I wonder when I could have the view again,, (Abg Din said, "people might change when the winter come". Sigh,,,,,)-that makes me feel afraid to face winter here!!

Here is another pic,,

Hehe, I just bought a HOLISTER sandal and its awesome,,

Thats all,,