Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's almost the morning

and yes, still couldn't sleep. It's time to get some updates from me.

Going back to Malaysia is awesome. I had chance to visit kampung and met nenek and embah. We had kenduri arwah and made nasi ambang for the people who came to the house. It's not that big event, just a simple one, annually we would have it. Besides all my aunts were there too. It's like a big family gathering since Hari Raya plus I'm the only grandson did not celebrate it for two years, plus this year too. Sigh, I wish I could skip a week of classes for Raya, but I don't want too.

What I want to accomplish? Getting a driving license? Nope, because me and my family have a little financial crisis. My brother got into college and I understand that my family would spent more money foe his expenses. So I postponed it for next year. Yeah feels very noobs right now because I'm almost 21 and still don't know how to drive. I wish I could learn at least for one time but I don't have a chance. Because first my parents are busy working 8 to 12 hours everyday. Second we don't have a car but a big 13 years old mazda van. And third I have to take care of my lil sis and brother. Oh well I think I just have to rely to my roommates commuting to somewhere I want. BTW riding a scooter is the first thing I did when I arrived home. LOL.

Since we have the financial crisis, I got a job as a waiter at my old working place. At least I don't have to ask money from my dad everyday. LOL. Even though the pay is not that high, I would keep it in the bank for future. Besides it would be such a waste staying home doing nothing. I could die because of the boredom.

Learn cooking. Oh well I'm bad at that stuff. Full stop. Haha. Vacation? Don't feel going to. My passion now just working.

What I've been thinking recently is what car should I buy after I graduate and get a job? In my head...lots...haha but I either a persona or a vios. It's just a rough idea what car is the best for a new fresh working man. Maybe there are lots of cars better than those two. We will see. Sigh, I forget I still don't know how to drive.

FIFA. I don't watch the matches. I just wanna know the results. I'm rooting for Brazil now. GO BRAZIL!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

For those who will get a vacation trip, have a safe journey
For those who still studying for classes, good luck
For those who confers problems, please don't be sad and be strong. I pray for you guys.

I wish I would make this post longer. I have to sleep because tomorrow I have to 'bukak kedai' and 'susun meja' and 'kemas chiller' at 930.

sayounara minna-san