Sunday, August 17, 2008

A new journey begins

Today is my flight to the "BIG APPLE"(is it true?). Excited, nervous, sad, happy. All those feelings have already mixed. My aunt said dat I'm looked normal + happy to go there. Probably not. I need to pack up my bag and all other stuff. Yeah, dat is da last minute work (I have never experienced going overseas), then i don't really know wut is da thing dat i need to bring into da states. Wut da heck!!,,

Today also was my 'kenduri' in my house at Petaling Jaya. it seemed quit bz from morniing till midnight. Haiyo, everything was so uncool. I needed to become hardworking as my lil bro was shoutimg for my help. Hurm,,,but,,nothing to worry bcoz it was my event anyway. But somehow, my mind felt irritated wif my relatives who came over my small house. They expected something dat is still a long way to go by me. They also put high expectation on me. I couldn't carry them. I scared if I failed at the middle of my studies. Lots of problems i nedd to face in da states especially NY. Although it is a good chance to study abroad, but I need to b strong.

Can I survive?,,I hope dat i could survive there. Anyway, dat's only da beginning. If I start them with full of courage, INSYAALAH, I can make it.