Monday, March 8, 2010

so much things to tell


First of all, I just wanna say 'Hi' and 'Thanks' to all the readers. It has been such a long time I haven't updated my blog since 2 months ago I guess. But it doesn't really matter. So why am I writng this post? First, I'm a little bit free tonight and don't know what to do. Second, I'm bored and third, I just want to write something in English.

Winter quarter wasn't so bad for me even though my grade isn't that good. But I don't really care because it was my mistakes. Lots of things happened. Unification night, Cornell performance and others. I really enjoyed being enrolled in those activities. At least I can show myself as a 'useful' person and not the 'useless' one =)

Then I had a road-trip during a week break. OMG. It was so much fun especially meeting my friend from Michigan State University and Indiana-Bloomington University. They were awesome. I missed you guys so much. They showed me their universities and my first impression was they are much bigger and nicer compared to RIT @.@ I really like the castle-like buildings in Bloomington University. And I really enjoyed the Art Museum there. =) And one more thing, they have bigger 'green house'. Like seriously they as big as a whole field house in RIT. Again I was fascinated. Ahahaha, enough said. And SUNY Buffalo was awesome too! But I still love RIT though. =)

And I met Shereen! My best friend from MSU. She changed a lot. I mean a lot =) But I don't care. She is still Shereen that I know since we first met at Batu Jong Kuala Krai Kelantan. Thanks for presents.

Spring quarter. I take 15 credit hours.

Organic Chemistry III (Lecture and lab) - The new lecturer is Professor Tina Collison. I'm expecting she would be better than Dr. Smith. =) Need to concentrate more. (I used to be good in chemistry during high school =)

Intermediate Japanese II - No comment. Just 1 more class before I finish my minor in Japanese Language =)

Molecular Biology (Lecture and lab)- Just hope the best from Dr. D.

Analytical Chemical Separation (Lecture) - My seniors said it was an easy class. Idk but we will see. And I drop the lab because I don't think I could handle three labs in a week.

Eventually. MySA will have the biggest event ever from them this 5th week of the quarter called Malaysian week (I guess). And I will be participating mainly in dancing performances. Okay let me count. 4 dances. Indian dance, Sarawak dance, Asmaradana and Nirmala. Like seriously, they are really testing my stamina and skills. Eventhough I'm not good at dancing, I will try my best.

Lastly, Pray for me so I could finish this quarter with success. Amin.

p/s: the most exciting moment is, I will be going back to MALAYSIA peeps! AGAIN! For whole 3 MONTHS!! YEAY ME!!