Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I was torn...

I wish to be happy like yesterday
So I don't have to be alone again

I wish to be that strong
So I don't have to be pretending

I wish to be an angel
So I could love you forever

I was torn...

is there a chance for me, still?

Friday, May 27, 2011


can you see me over there?
sitting on the grass of despair,
under the rain of tears...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring 2010/2011 - what a quarter...

Peace be with you.

Okay, I realized that I posted a lot of crap unnecessary things lately because of my unstable feelings, but yeah I just wanted to write it on my blog to release my tension. Since I have not updated about my 'real' self since past spring quarter (I think), I decided to dedicate this post to write about it.

So first, my academic. I took Genetic Engineering (GE), Cancer Biology and Management Accounting for this quarter, plus one credit for TA in Molecular lab, with the total of 13 credit hours. That was the least credit hours I took in RIT. The last one I remember was 15 credit hours during my first quarter here during the Fall2008. But don't think that lesser the credits I take, more free time I have. WRONG! All classes were difficult to me, especially GE.

That was the most intense class+lab that I ever took. Lets imagine, 8 hours of labs + 2 hours of lecture + 10++ hours lab work = CRAZY! I admit that being in that class is very tough for me. Learn about plasmid, virus, enzymes etc, they are interesting to learn, but its a lot! I barely survived in that class since I did not get good grades for first lab report, exams and an assignment. But eventually, I tried my best to challenge myself to beat GE. It was frustrated though that I REALLY needed to get good grades in second and so forth lab reports + exams. Alhamdulillah, Dr. Rothman, who teaches the class, gives me a very satisfying grade to me. YEAY =)

Move on to Cancer Biology class. Yeah, as I expected, Dr. Wright taught about uncontrollable proliferation of cells that caused the tumor development. I learned about tumor suppressor genes, proto-oncogenes, telomere shortening and several other fascinating knowledge that I valued. Eventhough cancer is not my interest subject to know, but eventually, when I learned about the mechanism of how cancer developed etc, it made my understanding about molecular mechanism more clear than ever. =)

Okay, last one, management accounting. I decided to take this class because of my passion in math+money =). Idk, but yeah. I'm thinking to do another minor which is the accounting. People told me that there is no relationship between biotech and accounting. =.= I agree. But it is just me though. I love calculating things because I (think) I am good in math (not advanced) =P Btw, this class was difficult too. I have to memorize all the formula, got to know how to do the bank statement, debit, credit, all bank stuff. Owh, there is one time that I want to be an accountant =.= but I did not take any accounting class during my high school. @.@.

Okay, that's it. Done with JUNIOR year. Next.. Summer.... =)

only you

its only you that I care
and only you that I love
believe me

Thursday, May 19, 2011


i should have known this problem will come soon
-a guy with hidden tears-