Saturday, April 18, 2009

of anything~

Peace be upoen with you,,

As usual, nothing much happened recently except few things..

1. I have 2 more midterm exams this week; algebra & chemistry..(Both of them are all about calculations,,sigh,,)

2. Had Citrawarna and BBQ,,AWESOME!!!

3. 4 weeks left before spring quarter end!!,,yeeeehah!!

4. Received new desktop last Friday,,unspeakable,,=P,,

To all readers,,good luck in your final exams,,jawab pekse elok2,,jgn emo2,,LOL


p/s: ade ke patot bdk2 frat da start berendam tgh2 mlm!!,,da la buat bising,,isk2,,

Monday, April 6, 2009

bad boy-

Peace be upon with you..

Firstly,,the title of this entry is nothing to do with its contents. Just 'saje2 letak' to fill the box. Sigh, almost a month I haven't updated this blog since the spring quarter started. Common reason = BUSY..ngeee~~.

Updating myself
1. getting busier with events and exams this week and next week,,-.-,,
2. last 4 weeks were not good as I planned,,sigh,,
3. release tension - spend $65 at Hollister + $35 at BR + $85 for my new mp3..=P..
4. Killer subject - IntroBio 3 'mmg x paham' especially kidney thingy,,oh no,,
5. ~controllable ~ less emo ~ do more homework and homework - takusan shukudai wa totemo tanoshidesune. Demo, tokidoki, muzukashi desuyo..ittai!!
6. Currently, i'm obsessed with SNSD a.k.a girl generation - gee - into the new world -LOL

Lately, lots of things happened. some people are emo, some people are 'demam' and some people are 'rilex - x dtg kelas berturut2 in a week - I was like WTF??'. Haha. Whatever. Btw, to all guys outthere,

'jadikan hari ini lebih baik dr semalam, dan hari esok lebih baik dr hr ini'(today is not a good day for me,,aiya)

soreja,,take care.

The Rain in April Brings The Flower in May ~ sorry if the sentence is structurely wrong ..