Thursday, May 21, 2009

happy to me

Peace be upon with you,,

yeay, i'm officially no longer a freshman. that is, all the problems that i have faced through my first year are now over. nothing to be worried since i would hibernate for the whole summer (can't wait to go back to my hometown) sigh.

through 9 whole months going through all the difficulties in the states, lots of things i have learned. i don't have any intention to make the list but as a conclusion, all of them are really make me act maturer, think maturer. then, be a nice person is the most crucial. that's it.

to my family out there[iwan je kot yg bace], don't worry about me, less than a week we will meet. just pray for my safetiness when i'm on board and everything else. for my studies, hurm, what can i say, err, don't worry too. muahaha. it seems to be my performance for my freshman year is all good. nothing to worry. yeah, i've got some 'b's but as long there is no 'c', it's good enough. 

for flight detail,,erm,,the plane will arrive at klia around 700pm with flight number, cx721. the transit will be from hong kong since i will change the plane there, so don't search for departure from jfk, search for hong kong instead.

so, see u guys, pray for me k,,


Monday, May 4, 2009

to all smokers and non-smokers!!,,

Peace be upon with you,,

Dear readers,,i found a great video to watch,,worth it though,,=),,

Ok guys,,see you around,,good luck exam,,=),,