Monday, October 26, 2009

doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimatandarou....

feel so empty

fragile and quite


wish u were here


Thursday, October 1, 2009

I have my friend....


I have my friend....
who agreed with my fb status...
he said he also had the same 'studies' problem with me..
And I replied, 'bwk sabar je la,,bln oktober nie mmg byk dugaan'

I have my friend.....
now studying at Jakarta,,medic student..
I asked, "mcm mane kat sane?,,ade rase gempa x?'
And he said, 'kat sini x rase ape2, kat padang kowt!!'
I felt so 'bodoh' coz the tragedy happened at padang, and not at jakarta,,

I have my friend....
in Malaysia and just get his brand new iphone..
He asked me, "cane nak download app kat sini?"
I replied, "pegi jah kedai telepon, nanti die bg free jah"
He said, 'aku da pi kedai apple, die kate aku kene beli sendiri'
And I replied with, ''''@.@''''

I have my friend
'ym'ed me, 'party in the USA la'
and I shocked coz I was listening to that song at that time,
I replied, 'aku tgh dgr la nie, tp paparazzi lg best'
He said, 'paparazzi best tp video die mcm......................'
last2, I 'ym'ed him, 'aku suke video die, biar la....'

I have few friends
'gossip telling' time with lots of halal cheeseburgers,
hot2 issues were discussed,
and dang!!,,I said 4 minutes b4 class started (not mine),
and they replied, 'LAB JAH!!!'

I have my friend
actually my aunts and uncle!!
who are about the same age as me,,
adding my fb and asking my 'khabar' here,,
and I just, 'diam seribu bahase'....

And I have my friend,
'fb'ing me during class hours
he said, 'AIREE!!!!'
and I didn't reply at all