Tuesday, November 3, 2009

today's story

Hari nie mmg fuck giler..aku x taw nape..Followings are the things happened today that made today is a f***king day

1. In japanese class. I dropped my pencil case 5 times..urgh!!!

2. I left my orgo textbook in the lab at 12.00 pm. I didn't realize until 1.30 pm. And what makes it even worse. I forgot where the hell did i put the textbook. I walked around all over the place in building 8 and SAU, met Asma (5 times y'all), almost an hour I spent just only to find the book. At last, during microb lab, I found that f***ing heavy book. Where? the place where gloves are placed. F**k 123456789x

3. I thought today's lab gonna be short and simple, but it was not. For whatever reason, the reagents were all f**king 'whatever'. Like seriously, i don't wanna say about that.

4. just calculated my allowance from the very first I got to the US. And what? I have already gotten my book's allowance twice. Meaning, I will not get the allowance until next year. OMG, how am I gonna get money to buy ticket going back to MALAYSIA???,,anyone wanna help me??..oh please..

5. I wanna study orgo. but apparently, the ACE ORGANIC homework was too difficult, and I'm straying away doing other stuff. F**k orgo test 3 on Friday. Whatever Dr. Smith..

sigh, ashita, ii nichi ni narimashitane!!!

shah iry