Monday, December 27, 2010

nafsu dan ruh merebut jasad

aku rase aku org yg plg suke berpura2

sbb sku byk ksh duka

wahai ruh, tawanlah jasadku ini

agar aku jumpa itu kebenaran YA ALLAH

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I wish you wouldn't exist,

so I don't have to screw up my head worrying about you everyday...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010


me 5 years ago, i wanna be like him again

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I hate this feeling (again)

I wish something impossible

and dumb me, still hoping for it to come true

it would be really nice

but it is worth waiting?

I'm clueless


I hope this goes away quickly...

Monday, October 25, 2010

do me a favor

just don't hate me

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I know you knew it...
but you just don't wanna admit it..






Sunday, October 10, 2010

its 1202 am....


Time: 1202 am
Day: Oct 10th

Right now, I'm studying biochemistry conformation & dynamics. It's MM equations and freaking difficult to understand. Sigh, swear to myself not to take ONLINE class ever again because I tend to procrastinate all the assignments, readings and what so ever.

Let's see, since I have not updated my blog since June, and there is a lot of things going on right now, maybe I would like to story you guys some of it and what other things that have gone through my mind.

Okay, some updates. I'm almost done with my Japanese minor! Hooray for me y'all! It has been like 6 tough quarters for me to confront this language class. I notice one of my weaknesses is learning foreign language. I admit that my English is not even good though compared with other Malaysians over here. It feels like I'm the worst. But yeah, it's my weakness and I don't want to talk about it in detail.

Oh yeah the Japanese minor. Since I'm almost done with it this quarter, I'm thinking to take another minor which is accounting. I love maths a lot since high school. And I love calculating money and money and money. Haha. There is one time I thought I wanted to be an accountant rather than a biotechnologist but it was too late =( . But hell yeah, I'm determined to do that accounting minor since I have lots of time left before graduate. So pray for me!!!!

Hurm, what else? Oh yeah, RAYA. To make it simple, I enjoyed celebrating RAYA over here. Full stop. 3 years already not celebrating RAYA with family, now feels like nothing. Already get used to be far away from them. They also understand how I feel. So, no homesick no "malaysia job"sick etc. It's not like I TOTALLY forget about them, feeling the way it's supposed to be. It's just the matter of time and distance, I believe, I believe I'm a matured strong person and I believe everything would end sooner. 2 years left is like 2 blinks of eyes. 1 year for each. =D

So what's up with my personal life? Huhu. Nothing much happened. Or I would rather say NOTHING happened. I'm just the same as the old me. No diet, no crush, no etc. My friends told me that I'm getting skinnier? Oh yeah I'm freaking skinny! SKINNIER than a person having the aneroxia nerbosa. HAHA. I think misspelled that.

But things get more difficult through out the years. Since I'm a junior, I have to take lots of elective classes, and its not that easy though. Plus having two positions in Malaysian club and UMNO has already made me crazy sometimes. You know, between studies, work, responsibility in clubs, I have to think smart, work hard on all of it. Sigh, that's all I can express to you guys right now. Maybe these obstacles... never mind. Forget it. My bad.

So, future plans? Vacation? Maybe. Already have a list of places to visit and enjoy. But I have to think twice, my personal financial account is not really that stable though. I have to be more saving since I have to pay for the minivan, flight ticket going back to Malaysia next year, buying important personal stuff etc. Since I'm a little 'boros' when things come to shopping, I will try not to do shopping that frequent.

It's October , hey today is 10:10:10 !!! =)

I have to go sleep la. Need to wake up at 430am to go work. =)

Before I end this post, let's read this,

Nabi s.a.w bersabda: "Malaikat sentiasa berdoa untuk seseorang kamu selama ia berada di tempat yang ia sembahyang padanya, selagi ia tidak berhadas, iaitu mereka memohon dengan berkata: "Ya Tuhan kami! Ampunilah dosanya, ya Tuhan kami! Berilah rahmat kepadanya."

Abu Huraiarah r.a

Till me meet next time!

Wassalam . PEACE! =)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's almost the morning

and yes, still couldn't sleep. It's time to get some updates from me.

Going back to Malaysia is awesome. I had chance to visit kampung and met nenek and embah. We had kenduri arwah and made nasi ambang for the people who came to the house. It's not that big event, just a simple one, annually we would have it. Besides all my aunts were there too. It's like a big family gathering since Hari Raya plus I'm the only grandson did not celebrate it for two years, plus this year too. Sigh, I wish I could skip a week of classes for Raya, but I don't want too.

What I want to accomplish? Getting a driving license? Nope, because me and my family have a little financial crisis. My brother got into college and I understand that my family would spent more money foe his expenses. So I postponed it for next year. Yeah feels very noobs right now because I'm almost 21 and still don't know how to drive. I wish I could learn at least for one time but I don't have a chance. Because first my parents are busy working 8 to 12 hours everyday. Second we don't have a car but a big 13 years old mazda van. And third I have to take care of my lil sis and brother. Oh well I think I just have to rely to my roommates commuting to somewhere I want. BTW riding a scooter is the first thing I did when I arrived home. LOL.

Since we have the financial crisis, I got a job as a waiter at my old working place. At least I don't have to ask money from my dad everyday. LOL. Even though the pay is not that high, I would keep it in the bank for future. Besides it would be such a waste staying home doing nothing. I could die because of the boredom.

Learn cooking. Oh well I'm bad at that stuff. Full stop. Haha. Vacation? Don't feel going to. My passion now just working.

What I've been thinking recently is what car should I buy after I graduate and get a job? In my head...lots...haha but I either a persona or a vios. It's just a rough idea what car is the best for a new fresh working man. Maybe there are lots of cars better than those two. We will see. Sigh, I forget I still don't know how to drive.

FIFA. I don't watch the matches. I just wanna know the results. I'm rooting for Brazil now. GO BRAZIL!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

For those who will get a vacation trip, have a safe journey
For those who still studying for classes, good luck
For those who confers problems, please don't be sad and be strong. I pray for you guys.

I wish I would make this post longer. I have to sleep because tomorrow I have to 'bukak kedai' and 'susun meja' and 'kemas chiller' at 930.

sayounara minna-san

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

wish list

my wish list

1. a brand new laptop (usd1000)

2. nikon lense 18-200mm (usd700)

3. California trip (usd 1000)

4. cellphone - iphone 4g - dell lightning (usd 1000)

5. computer slate (usd 800)

6. fall fashion outfit (usd 300)

7. black friday shopping (usd 800)

8. winter fashion outfit (usd 500)

9. japan & korea trip (usd 3000++)

10. awek? (lol)

11. cuti2 malaysia + family trip (usd 500)

12. sony cybershot ipic (usd 500)

13. internship somewhere

14. nyc trip (usd 500)

15. used proton saga (usd 7000++)

16. new naza scooter (usd 4000++)

and others,,,but apparently,,not gonna fulfill all of it


Monday, March 8, 2010

so much things to tell


First of all, I just wanna say 'Hi' and 'Thanks' to all the readers. It has been such a long time I haven't updated my blog since 2 months ago I guess. But it doesn't really matter. So why am I writng this post? First, I'm a little bit free tonight and don't know what to do. Second, I'm bored and third, I just want to write something in English.

Winter quarter wasn't so bad for me even though my grade isn't that good. But I don't really care because it was my mistakes. Lots of things happened. Unification night, Cornell performance and others. I really enjoyed being enrolled in those activities. At least I can show myself as a 'useful' person and not the 'useless' one =)

Then I had a road-trip during a week break. OMG. It was so much fun especially meeting my friend from Michigan State University and Indiana-Bloomington University. They were awesome. I missed you guys so much. They showed me their universities and my first impression was they are much bigger and nicer compared to RIT @.@ I really like the castle-like buildings in Bloomington University. And I really enjoyed the Art Museum there. =) And one more thing, they have bigger 'green house'. Like seriously they as big as a whole field house in RIT. Again I was fascinated. Ahahaha, enough said. And SUNY Buffalo was awesome too! But I still love RIT though. =)

And I met Shereen! My best friend from MSU. She changed a lot. I mean a lot =) But I don't care. She is still Shereen that I know since we first met at Batu Jong Kuala Krai Kelantan. Thanks for presents.

Spring quarter. I take 15 credit hours.

Organic Chemistry III (Lecture and lab) - The new lecturer is Professor Tina Collison. I'm expecting she would be better than Dr. Smith. =) Need to concentrate more. (I used to be good in chemistry during high school =)

Intermediate Japanese II - No comment. Just 1 more class before I finish my minor in Japanese Language =)

Molecular Biology (Lecture and lab)- Just hope the best from Dr. D.

Analytical Chemical Separation (Lecture) - My seniors said it was an easy class. Idk but we will see. And I drop the lab because I don't think I could handle three labs in a week.

Eventually. MySA will have the biggest event ever from them this 5th week of the quarter called Malaysian week (I guess). And I will be participating mainly in dancing performances. Okay let me count. 4 dances. Indian dance, Sarawak dance, Asmaradana and Nirmala. Like seriously, they are really testing my stamina and skills. Eventhough I'm not good at dancing, I will try my best.

Lastly, Pray for me so I could finish this quarter with success. Amin.

p/s: the most exciting moment is, I will be going back to MALAYSIA peeps! AGAIN! For whole 3 MONTHS!! YEAY ME!!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i hate u

i hate u,,even i know u will not ever read this,,i hate u,,arghh!!
curse u ***!! will not ever talk to u again..sigh..