Wednesday, August 26, 2009

tell me your wish.....


sowoneul marhaebwa! I'm genie for you, girl!

At last after 3 months of holiday, I feel so damn good staying in Malaysia with family. Hurm, I didn't have any interesting activity during the holiday. Just working as a part time floor service at secret recipe, my old workplace. Haha. That's it. No vacation. No trip. But, at least I went to KL every weekend watching movies and meeting my friends. I'm not that 'xde life' of workaholic or something.

So, I'll be going back this morning. As usual, Cathay Pacific airline. And the most crucial one, I'm all alone. Sigh, I have already requested for the flight changes, but they said it's fully booked. No immediate changes until 15 sept. Sigh, so, no choice. I have to. But it's okay. I make as a challenge or me. I'm not a teenager anymore. I'm a young male adult. Huhu.

I hope I could survive for this 36 hours of journey. KUL-HKG(4 hours), HKG airport(4 hours), HKG-JFK(16 hours), JFK airport(10 hours), JFK-ROC(2 hours). I know I will be so tired when I arrive at Rochester. Sigh. Okay, it's a REAL challenge to me. aiyark.

Ok, don't know hat to write. Just pray for my save journey. That's all. Ok. Bye2